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12 Best Productivity and Analytics Tools That Will Help In Website Design

Website Building is fun as well as complex. If you are not sophisticated, you can lose a great amount of time and effort. Hard work with smart work can win laurels!

There are a lot of tools available on the website to help you out with complex web designs. It never matters if you are a freelancer or a web designer. You can reduce your stress and make website building fun with the right tools. This article will tell you what are productivity tools and how these tools will make your life easy.

What are productivity tools?

As the name suggests, these tools make your work productive. Without wasting any time on things that can be automated and backed up, you can focus on website design honing your skills and earning money. Management and Automation are the keys here.

Here are 12 productivity and web analytics tools.

Google Docs- Google is King!

You will be like, I already know this! You have underestimated the power of Google Docs. In fact, this is not the only Google tool. You can use spreadsheets and presentations too. What is so special about these tools?

You do not have to pay even a dime to access the full features. The content is shareable across all devices. You can type on your phone in docs and then use your laptop to continue from where you have left off. The backup feature is excellent. You can also now import your writings straight from Docs to WordPress.

Evernote- Note making is easy

Evernote is an excellent tool to organize your notes all in one place. Even though some features are paid, you can easily use the basic version, which is enough. Even if you want to add some scribbling and images, you can add them easily in between notes. Needless to mention that the content is all backed up automatically.

Trello- Your Collaborative partner

This app is essential if you have a team working for you or with you. Trello allows you to work collaboratively. Users can interact with other team members through comments and chats. There is an additional advantage of documentation of all the work done. There is no excuse not to try it out because it’s free!

Slack- Why burden with emails?

Emails are so annoying! Every time a team member has to email another one to ask or give information or submit working files. To eliminate the system of internal emails, you have Slack. Through Slack, you can keep your conversations documented and archived. This clearly eliminates the need to have a formal email system which can be ignored most of the time if you do not check your email. The plus point is you can use Slack with Google Drive.

Pomodoro is sweet as it sounds!

This is a time management method where you need to set a single task for a fixed time. After 25 minutes are over, you get a 3-5 minutes break. After 4 intervals, you get a more extended break of 15 minutes. People call it the Pomodoro technique, and each interval is known as Pomodoro. This springs from the fact that your brain needs rest, and you don’t need to burn out.

Toggl-Manage time

This is a time tracking tool that helps you monitor time. This is the best choice for freelancers who are paid hourly rates. The more quickly they work, the better they earn. It can also track which clients are more lucrative. You can see estimates and assign time blocks for each project that you do. You can use the free basic version.

LastPass- Why remember everything?

As the name suggests, this is the last time you have to remember your passwords! This app will help you organize all your payment and shipping details, login ids and passwords, and even create one. Oops! You have to remember one password to login into the LastPass itself.

Unsplash- Thank me later!

A website is not good without visuals. Visuals make up for the aesthetics of the website. From where will you get images for your website? Get rid of the stock images and start using Unsplash. You can make your content more engaging by using a CCO license image as much as you want. Terrific, isn’t it?

Optimole- Optimize pictures

Website optimization is beneficial for a good ranking. Your website page should load up quickly. If you use high-quality images, your site can run slow. Not everyone has a good internet connection. Optimole can help you to optimize images by compressing them. Do not worry about the loss of quality. This is actually a WordPress plugin that is easy to use.

Flux- A friend of your eye

Being a website designer or a freelancer, you are stuck to the screens. Your eyes can get damaged in the process. Chronic headaches have become a common occurrence now. Flux can help you solve this problem by automatically adjusting the colors on your screen. Start using it now, and you will see a huge difference a few days later.

Sketch- Photoshop is easy!

Adobe Photoshop is a popular app, but it is not always for rookies. The sketch is an awesome app that can help you perform the functions of Photoshop in a simpler manner. Many web designers loathe Adobe because of the complexity and the size of the images. However, Sketch is quite less demanding on CPU and can be your good friend in need!Out of many web analytics tools available on the Internet, I will suggest you to go for the best and free one. The next one speaks just about that!

Google Analytics- Analyze your website

This is one of the best web analytics tools available on the Internet. This tool will give you tremendous insight into the performance of your website, be it demographics, traffic, or the behavior of website visitors. It will also show you location-wise keywords that are successful. You can also use alternatives like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Now you know what are productivity tools and how to use them!
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Start using them now!

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